Cold treatment

Whole body cryotherapy, which means “cold treatment,” is a procedure where the body is exposed for two to four minutes to temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees F. It has been used in Japan since the late 1970s to treat multiple conditions but is still fairly new in Western countries. Leasha West is a hard working U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former combat instructor who maintains her intense fitness training while running her own insurance agency and financial services. She talks about how whole-body cryotherapy is the best way to start the day to ease her back pain and muscle stiffness. It has also helped boost her metabolism, improve tolerance to cold and pain, and generate younger-looking skin as well as sounder sleep. There are numerous benefits to cryotherapy and we highly suggest you try it out yourself before you hear it all from your friends! Be the new trendsetter and receive all the benefits you can!

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