Athletic Performance


Whole Body Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing of the muscles and minimizes pain. For years, athletes have been taking ice baths to prevent muscle damage and sooth sore joints. Our Cryospa can reach temperatures of about -240⁰ F, taking ice baths to the next level. Recovery is an important step in a fitness routine, and cryotherapy helps you reach maximum performance levels. The intense cool temperatures work their magic in under a minute, so there’s no shivering in ice cold water as you wait for relief. In the U.S. Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used by countless celebrities and professional athletes. NBA and NFL players have reaped the benefits of cryotherapy for sports, and some even have private chambers installed into their homes.

The intense cold temperatures that the Cryosauna chambers reach have been proven to help soothe muscles as well as boost athletic performance. The benefits include improved motor skills, increased stamina and reduced heart rate. Cryospas are often used primarily for the physical benefits, but they also stimulate the mind and improve an athlete’s mental game. Being sharp and focused is important in any sport, and cryotherapy boosts performance before and after a game.