Boost in Metabolism


Successful, permanent weight loss only occurs with an increase in metabolism. Without that increase, you join the ranks of 98% of all dieters who, after five years, gain the weight back and then some. Only a 2% success rate, and that is the “weight loss” world’s dirty little secret. Remember that optimizing metabolism is critical to achieving your ultimate weight loss goal.

In the Whole Body Cryosauna we shock the outer layer of skin with extreme cold temperatures reducing the skin’s temperature to between 41°F and 50°F. Your body responds by boosting your metabolism and burning calories by speeding up to literally “warm you up.”

Repeated exposure with our Whole Body Cryotherapy results in an elevated metabolism 24/7. That increased speed translates to a boost in your metabolism and literally “burns” up calories as, over time, you return to your normal, warmer body temperature.  Regardless of your eating and exercise program, whether you are sitting, standing, lying down or even sleeping, you will see an increase in metabolism, simply as a result of recurring Whole Body Cryosauna treatments.

This accelerated metabolism lasts for approximately 5-8 hours and can burn additional calories during that time.