Fighting Depression


There have been numerous studies that show just 2-3 minutes of Whole Body Cryotherapy is beneficial to those who suffer from depression, anxiety or both. The reason for this response is attributed to hormonal benefits that occur as a result of the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments.

In one particular study, patients who had 15 Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments over three weeks reported that their depression decreased by 50%. That’s a staggering amount of change given the short period of time plus the fact that it takes most classic anti-depressive medications twice as long to achieve any benefits.

Clients report that after finishing a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, they feel an improvement in mood, a deeper sense of relaxation and euphoria, all as a result of the aforementioned hormonal benefits. They also report that it lasts a long time and, with repeated use, the results last even longer.